Important Update: On April 11, 2017 City of Calgary Council approved the application to develop two residential pockets on the Hamptons Golf Course (Bylaw 126D2017). The Hamptons Golf Course will be realigned to accommodate the redevelopment while also remaining an 18-hole golf course. Information related to golf course operations and the upcoming realignment can be found in the Future Plans section of the Hamptons Golf Course website. For more information on the future housing development process and opportunities please click HERE

Future Plans FAQ

Why is the golf course being re-configured/renovated?

The Hamptons Golf Club received feedback over the years on how golf play can be improved on the course. The reconfiguration/renovation is an opportunity to refresh golf course play and meet the needs of its members and visitors. Funds from the pocket residential development will also assist in improving some of The Hamptons Golf Club’s aging infrastructure and improve the golf course as a whole. Improvements to the golf course are a benefit to those that live adjacent to the course and to the community as a whole as it will remain a long-term 18 hole golf course asset.

Will existing trees in or around the development sites be maintained?

Several technical studies will be completed to determine the extent to which the trees can be retained. Generally, the possibility of tree retention is determined based on the location and grade of the land required for development. It is anticipated that minimal grading will be required in most open space areas due to the conservation design of the pocket redevelopments and consequently, tree retention will be possible. Additionally, a Tree Retention Strategy accounts for the loss of any trees by ensuring that 1.5 trees are planted for each tree removed within the open space areas.

Who is the designer / architect behind the golf course realignment?

It is the responsibility of the Developer.

What holes are most affected by the reconfiguration?

The larger of the two new residential pockets will be located where holes 14 and 15 are located today. These two holes will be most affected by the golf course reconfiguration as they will be relocated to enable the residential developments.

What other minor changes will result in the course due to the reconfiguration?

The golf course will be reconfigured to relocate holes 14 and 15 into the existing course. In order to integrate new holes into the existing course, there will be minor changes to the size and shape of some holes and new greens will be added. The most significant work will occur at holes 14,15 and 16. Additionally, the existing practice green will be removed to allow for the development of Site B, one of the two residential pockets. Finally, the stormwater ponds adjacent to the holes 16 and 17 will be expanded to accommodate runoff from the new residential area.

What is the timeline for the development?

Work to reconfigure the golf course will commence in 2017. The residential development is anticipated to take two to three years and will not occur until the golf course reconfiguration is complete.

I live along the holes being reconfigured. What can I expect for the construction period?

While efforts will be made to minimize disruption associated with the reconfiguration, it is anticipated that there will be isolated impacts and noise on the golf course, in particular holes 14, 15, and 16.

I am a member of the Hamptons Golf Club. What effect will the reconfiguration have on my play?

The Hamptons Golf Club will strive to minimize the impact of the reconfiguration on play. Specifically work will be planned to ensure that all 18 holes remain open for the duration of the 2017 golf season. Construction activities will be coordinated to minimize disruptions to guests to the extent possible.

If I have concerns during the reconfiguration, who should I contact?

Please contact barry@windmillgolf.com at the Hamptons Golf Club.

Where should I look for information about the new residential developments?

For more information about the process, timeline and sales of the new residential developments, please click HERE.