Important Update: On April 11, 2017 City of Calgary Council approved the application to develop two residential pockets on the Hamptons Golf Course (Bylaw 126D2017). The Hamptons Golf Course will be realigned to accommodate the redevelopment while also remaining an 18-hole golf course. Information related to golf course operations and the upcoming realignment can be found in the Future Plans section of the Hamptons Golf Course website. For more information on the future housing development process and opportunities please click HERE


The Hamptons Golf Club is planning for the reconfiguration of the golf course and the development of two associated pocket areas as residential housing additions to the Hamptons community. The Hamptons Golf Club has engaged QuantumPlace Developments Ltd. (QuantumPlace) to oversee the planning and development of this project. The Hamptons Golf Club will remain a private 18 hole golf course during and post reconfiguration. Both the existing and proposed course configurations and the proposed pocket development areas can be viewed here.

The reconfiguration will ensure that the course remains competitive in the recreational golf market that has recently seen decline in the North American market. The pocket development opportunities will help with the long term viability of The Hamptons Golf Club by generating revenue that will assist in the reconfiguration of the course itself. Overall, the reconfiguration and pocket development opportunities will provide multiple benefits for both the course and to the overall community of the Hamptons.

Golf Course Benefits:

  • Competitiveness of course is maintained
  • Greens re-built to modern specifications
  • New irrigation systems to be installed in areas affected by development (updating aging infrastructure)
  • Less risk of ball damage to private property
  • Golf course will be more appealing for average golfer


Community Benefits:

  • The course reconfiguration will result in The Hamptons Golf Club remaining an attractive, high quality community amenity
  • The pocket developments will reinvigorate the community with new residents
  • An increase in publicly accessible, dedicated parks and open space will be established
  • Access to open space and trail system to neighbouring residents